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01 Jan 1970 |


Coming from a little town outside of Munich, Germany, Joerg started playing guitar and bass at age ten. After graduating high school and the Munich Guitar Institute he moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. There he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music and the Professional Music Achievement award.
Since graduating, Joerg has produced and written music for artists like B.o.B, Larry “Jazz” Anthony, French chart topper Jeanne Mas, John Enghauser, Patje, Dyllan Murray, Celeste Louise and many So-cal Indy artists.
As a guitarist and producer Joerg worked with members of Shakira, Evanescence, Josh Groben, Vertical Horizon, Natalie Cole, Temptations, etc.
He licensed music for popular TV shows, wrote and performed on music for many commercials and recently scored Music for the EMMY Award winning Documentary “Off The Beaten Palate”. Joerg is also performing with the Show band “Rembrandt”.
Joerg has been sharing his experience and expertise with many students.