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01 Jan 1970 |


The four guys from LA play upbeat, positive, forward, driving, fun, energetic rock.

J has played hundreds of shows with dozens of other bands and is happy to now focus just on Krashendo – he is the most studied of the bunch and records and produces the material. DF contributes a big part of the writing and has “extensive experience in the field” – “that’s what the say when you didn’t study” laughs the affable singer. Bones has hit things as long as he can remember. “I just love the drums, always will…”. Brooks prefers to hold back until he hits the stage – “then you better watch out,” grins guitarist J.

Press Release:

The first single from the four-piece from LA is called: “From New York To Tokyo”. “This upbeat song was written about the feeling of traveling around the globe, meeting people and bringing everyone together”, says singer DF, who came to LA via London and Germany – no stranger to globetrotting, guitarist J Dog adds: “We wanted to create a driving, fun track that encapsulates the energy of our modern world”. “Yeah, those dudes use all those big words. I just wanna have fun, man!”, laughs drummer Bones. Bass player Brooks just nods in agreement.

The four guys come from three different countries and call LA home. “The first shows are booked and we are looking forward to bringing fun back to the stages of LA and the rest of the world”. After listening to the track a few times, I agree – the four guys will make you move and bring energy wherever they go!

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