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01 Jan 1970 |

The Fat Shacks

(A Fat Shack – To get so pitted and spit out and punch threw the back braw)

Surf Guitar at it’s best.

LA Session Guitarists Kay-TA  Matsuno and Joerg Stoeffel met about 20 years ago at Berklee College of Music, wood shedding their guitar skills. Both relocated to LA were they have been working their asses of.

This is the first project they have been working on together in many years.

Dick Dale , the Ventures,  Duane Eddy.  That’s what this is about. Fender Amps Cranked to the Max with all the Reverb a Room can handle.. And maximum fun !

Mainly playing original songs but there might be a classic sneaking in here and there. and even a surf rendition of a top chart hit is not out of the ordinary.